Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why I Stayed in Girl Scouting

Forever changed
Hi. I'm Jessica Marks. I am a lifetime member of Girl Scouts- starting in first grade as a Brownie, earning my Gold Award as a high school senior, and having served in college as an outreach troop leader and then later on as a trainer. While I enjoyed Brownies, my Girl Scouting experience was forever changed when I switched troops as a junior and was connected with an adventurous group who loved to travel and became my life-long friends.

To me, Girl Scout travel was so incredible because it was different from family travel. Whether it was a weekend camping trip, or a weeklong out-of-state ski trip or international wider op, it was a new experience where I had a lot more responsibility for me. My parents weren't there to take care of me or make decisions for me.  

International Camporee
My wider op (now called Destinations) is what really stood out to non-scouts as having been special. Many friends in high school told me they probably wouldn't have quit if they realized international trips were on the line! I was selected to go to Germany and take part in an international camporee of Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, and Boy Scouts. Meeting other scouts from across the USA, becoming a team with them, and then going to an event with thousands of world wide scouts is something I will never forget.

Here’s a photo of me at the Germany international Girl Scout/Girl Guide event.The one by myself is on a rope bridge we lashed at the event, you can see the interesting tents we stayed in in the background.

The group is the USA group with a group of Scottish Girl Guides- I am sitting on the ground in the front row in a yellow/green tank top. 

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