Monday, May 11, 2015

Girls: 10 Things Your Parents DON'T Do While You're at Summer Camp

Hey girls- 

Whether you go to summer camp every year, or have never been for an overnight, it's a mystery to think about what your parents do/would do while you're gone.  

Here's a list of things they definitely WON'T be doing this summer while you're away:

1. Singing "Let it Go" every chance the get; 
2. Eating chicken nuggets for dinner; 
3. Getting up early to make pancakes for breakfast on Saturday; 

They definitely WILL be: 
1. Getting their car detailed since it can stay nice and clean for a week; 
2. Avoiding the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network; 
3. Finishing that list of DIY projects they've been meaning to do since last year

Of course they'll miss you, but it's a win-win. You get to go to camp with your friends and they get to have a clean, quiet house for a while. You can't beat it. 

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