Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top 10 reasons to register as an early bird!

10. Be free as a bird during the “Back to School Madness” Renewing in the spring or summer means not worrying about registration when school starts. It also allows troops and SU’s to focus in the fall on registering new members 

9. Spread your Wings! Register online using eBiz for exciting and adventurous Council Events, Trainings, Programs and more 

8. Register your whole troop before they fly the coop! Troop leaders can only renew their members online before the new membership year starts on October 1st—after that, only guardians can register their Girl Scouts 

7. By going online, get your registration from A to B “as the crow flies” Avoid sending paperwork with personal information and money attached through multiple sets of hands before making it to the GSCTX Data Information department 

6. Have your ducks … and candy...and nuts in a row! Fall Product Sales start the very first day of the new membership year on Oct. 1st. Registering as an Early Bird means you’re ready to earn money for your troop 

5. We may be Early Birds, but we aren’t fluent in “chicken scratch” Registering online ensures that our membership database is accurate and up-to-date 

4. An Early Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or perhaps a tree… Registering online as an Early Bird means we don’t use paper forms and that we “Leave No Trace”. It also signifies being a good steward of our Council and staff resources 

3. Rule the Roost! Register from the comforts of your own “nest” Online registration is convenient and means no mailing or bringing forms into a GSCTX Service Center, plus you avoid the delay it takes for your membership to be entered into the Council database 

2. The Early Bird always catches the worm! Camperships and Zoos and Ice Cream Parties and Museums and Programs-on Demand and Patches, OH MY! Incentives are AMAZING this year, but only Early Bird registrants are eligible for the drawings! 

1. Early Birds of a feather flock together! Let’s all get registered early and move onto delivering a fun, high-quality, relevant, innovative and meaningful Girl Scouts Leadership Experience to develop Girl Scouts who want to change the world

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