Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My trip to Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida

During Spring Break I got to go to Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida. It was for my birthday and I was looking forward to it for weeks before!

I was not disappointed. I traveled there by plane with my mom.

We first went to Hogwarts and Hogsmead. I got a magic wand from Ollivander's Wand Shop. My favorite thing was to cast spells with the wand at designated spots marked by medallions attached to the sidewalk. 
We went on a ride called Forbidden Journey - best ride ever! We got to fly around Hogwarts castle with Harry and other characters. They helped us get past big spiders, dementors and other scary things.
We ate fish and chips at the Three Broom Sticks with pumpkin juice. Pumpkin juice wasn't all that great, I'll have Gillywater instead! I saw a little bird with only one foot, a little sad.

Next we saw Buck Beak and Hagrid's hut when we went on a ride called the Ride of the Hippogrif. That was a fun ride too. Since the line wasn't too long, we did that ride many times.

Then we took the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley. A two-park ticket is a must. There was a moving cat made out of a measuring tape in one of the shop windows.
Here you can also visit Knockturn Alley which is a little creepy. We saw a vanishing cabinet and even heard the bird inside. The wand works here too. 

Back at Diagon Alley we went to Honeydukes and got chocolate frogs. Mine had a Godric Gryffindor card in it.
I absolutely recommend Harry Potter World to all of his fans!

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