Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pledge to Go Green

Are you committed to going green? Are you passionate about recycling? Are you ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Girl Scouts of Central Texas has the project just for you!

Commit to the Forever Green Take Action initiative! It's your chance to take action with Girl Scouts around the country to honor strong traditions of Girl Scouting.

I want to learn more about Forever Green. What is it? 
In conjunction with the Year of the Girl, the Forever Green Take Action projects invites girls to take action on one or more projects including Reducing Waste, Earth Hour and Rain Gardens. These projects can lead to sustainable behavioral change and environmental impact within our communities. As we kick off this initiative, we ask that girls take an online pledge stating their year long commitment to the efforts and get their friends and family to join in as well!

These projects coincides with Girl Scouts of the USA's 100th Anniversary so what better gift to the movement than measurable results; real proof that girl can change the world.

I'm almost convinced. Why else should I get involved?
The goal of this initiative is to engage approximately 800,000 Girl Scouts (25% of our membership nationally). If this goal is achieved, it will made substantial contributions, not only to girls' leadership development, but also to their surrounding environment. Girl Scouts will be seen as leaders of the healthy and green movement and others are sure to follow their lead.

I'm ready to commit. What can I do?
Your local council is focusing our efforts on the Reducing Waste project and will do so across our 46-county jurisdiction.

You can start small! 
  • Encourage your friends and family to recycle.
  • Make an effort to use reusable water bottles and bags.
  • Volunteer to handle all recycling efforts at a school or church event. 
You can go big!
  • Start a recycling program at your school.
  • Work with your city to raise awareness on the importance of recycling.
  • Work with your local stores to offer only reusable bags. 
  • Tell your friends at lunch why they should use reusable water bottles.
Get creative! This is your project, your impact!

How do I sign up?
Visit the national Forever Green website to learn more and to take the national pledge. The head over to the GSCTX local pledge website to commit to the initiative.

Questions? Contact Kate Lipinski. 

-Kate Lipinski

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out & About - March

Troop 900 Valentines
Last year, Troop 900 made a decision to do something special for the women and girls of the Salvation Army homeless shelter. They collected gently used stuffed animals and hand-made cards and ended up donating more than 20 bags. When February rolled around this year, the girls decided they wanted to do the same project but on a bigger scale. The same items were collected and the troop even had boxes of cookies donated to the cause. More than 115 bags were put together this year and the girls personally delivered them to the Salvation Army. Awesome job, girls! 

Troop 250 Holds Book Drive for Brownwood Girls


Girl Scout Troop 250 will earn their Bronze Award through a service project that benefits girls ages 12-19 at the Ron Jackson State Correctional Facility in Brownwood. The Girl Scouts aim to establish dorm-based libraries for these girls who face challenges such as mental health issues and parental abuse. Troop 250 would like to give them access to literature that is inspirational, motivational and fun. 

Half-Price Books has already generously donated 600 books and the following merchants will donate a percentage of your purchase to the cause. Interested parties purchasing from Book People should ask for the Troop 250 coupon during check out on March 25. For those shopping with Barnes and Noble, use ID number 10702678 when purchasing between March 19-25.

If you would like to donate new or gently used books, you can bring them to the Troop 250 table at the Centennial Capitol Celebration on March 12. The Brownwood girls have an average reading level of 8th grade. GSCTX and Troop 250 thank you in advance for your support!