Wednesday, April 25, 2012

San Angelo Workplace for Women Spotlight - West Texas Rehab Center

West Texas Rehab Center
West Texas Rehab Center
Established in 1977, West Texas Rehab Center – San Angelo opened their doors to serve 137 patients during the course of the year. Thirty-five years later, they proudly serve more than 500 patients daily. Their philosophy is to provide high quality services and programs to all patients regardless of financial status, which is similar to that of the Girl Scouts who aim to serve every girl, everywhere. Several of their staff including doctors, directors and members of the board of directors are female who have all contributed to the growing success of the business. The Rehab Center sees the value in the work they do in patient care and constantly remind each other that “great things happen here.”

Thursday, April 19, 2012

San Angelo Women of Distinction Spotlight - Peggy Rosser

Peggy Rosser
Peggy Hodges Rosser
Peggy Hodges Rosser was born and raised in Midland. She graduated from Robert E. Lee High School and attended West Texas A&M, earning her Bachelor of Science. Peggy continued her education at Angelo State University where she earned her Master of Arts in Communication Systems Management. She is currently the Business Development Specialist and Rural Business Advisor at Angelo State University’s Small Business Development Center.

Peggy is a dedicated volunteer who thrives on helping her community. Her skills, activity, results and successes are a reflection of her role as a leader. Peggy served as president of the Concho Valley Citizens against Violence and Region 15 Association of Texas Professional Educators. She also served as a committee member for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce. Currently, she serves as panel10 chair for the United Way of the Concho Valley.

Peggy is a 2006 Leadership San Angelo graduate and proud recipient of the 1999-2000 Austin Elementary Teacher of the Year award. In all her roles – teacher, business owner, community advocate and family woman - Peggy exemplifies all the ideals of a great citizen.

A Volunteer Helped Shape My Life

Who are they? That’s easy. Ed Coll. 

Volunteer Kimbol Soques
Kimbol at the redwoods near Santa Cruz.
Ed’s career was spent training SWAT teams and stunt actors. When he made the decision to retire to the Pittsburgh area, it was the 1980’s and he was in his early 60’s. He approached the local Girl Scout council, GSSWPA, and told them, “You need a high adventure program for girls. I’ll build you one.” Word was that the local Boy Scout asked him to run a similar program for boys, but he turned them down. “Boys have lots of these opportunities. Girls don’t have any. The girls need some.” That’s what I heard he said. It sounds like him.

I was 14 at the time and a stealth Girl Scout in junior high school. One of my close friends had signed up for a rappelling weekend, but got sick and couldn’t go. Her mom who was also my troop leader pushed me to take the open slot. “It’s paid for! You can use Kell’s hiking boots!” she said and so I went. It was January in the northeast. Did I mention I’ve always been afraid of heights? And falling?

This trip is where I met Ed. He showed us how to wrap the webbing to make our harnesses, how to check that we were safe and ready and all the technical sides to it. More importantly, he radiated care and confidence in us! “You don’t have to do it, but I would like you to try. You won’t fall. I’ll show you!” And he belayed each of us over the edge, showing us how he could stop us on a dime. He encouraged us to walk the face, then bounce a little, and maybe bounce some more. Safely down on the ground below, I couldn’t believe how much fun it was! And I did it. I was so hooked – I ran back to the top and rappelled down as many times as he would let me, swinging wider and farther each time.

The next day, as Ed was hugging as all goodbye, Ed’s maxim was 10 hugs a day kept off starvation – he pulled me to the side and said, “Any trip of mine you want go on, you’re welcome to come. You’ve been great.”

So, I went. As often as I could, all the way until I graduated high school and moved away.

When I was finding my grown up feet, scared about presenting to vice presidents or running projects where I was the youngest team member, I would remember that I climbed Mount Placid. I rafted the Youghigheny. I went up and down Seneca Rocks more times than I can count. This is easier than that and I did that.

-Kimbol Soques

Kimbol is a Gold Award recipient and recently celebrated her 25th year as a Girl Scout. She currently leads a Cadette troop and is planning a trip to Savannah with them for this summer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why do I Volunteer with Girl Scouts?

Volunteer Capitol
At first glance, I would say I do it for my daughter, plain and simple. I want her to have new experiences, make friends from all walks of life, and grow up to be an empowered woman. As a Girl Scout, I experienced all of those things and still carry fond memories of my time in Girl Scouts. I remember camping in our backyard, traveling to a greenhouse farm to learn about raising tomatoes, and learning to appreciate the beauty of bugs. As an adult involved in Girl Scouting, I am now able to help my daughter develop the same open views of the world she lives in, the people, creatures, plants and what makes it go around.

Don’t let me fool you though! I’m in it for me too. Bonding with other parents, traveling to different events, and running cookie sales for our troop helps me realize that I look forward to everything as much as my daughter does! From a huge sing-a-long at the Texas Capitol to tie-dying troop t-shirts to watching our dining room turn into cookie central for six weeks, I love it all! I truly enjoy volunteering with Girl Scouts because of what they represent – encouraging and enabling young women of spread their wings – to opportunities they provide to all Girl Scouts (and parents!).

-Julie Peters

To volunteer or find out more about volunteering with GSCTX, visit our website. 

San Angelo Women of Distinction Spotlight - Marilyn Mohler

Marilyn Mohler
Marilyn Mohler
Marilyn Mohler was born in San Angelo, and after a brief period in Baltimore, Maryland, her family returned to the Concho Valley when she was 12 years old. She graduated from Lakeview High School and promptly enrolled at Angelo State University.

After an intriguing public relations and advertising class, Marilyn decided to open her very own firm, Marilyn Mohler and Associates, Inc., Advertising and Public Relations. A successful businesswoman for nine years, Marilyn continued her professional career and worked as an advertising manager for M.L. Leddy & Sons; an account executive for KCTV and as a property manager for a local residential and commercial broker.

Amid her retirement, she continues to stay active in her community. Marilyn’s volunteer efforts are just one aspect of her outstanding achievements. She was an active member for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce and received the notable award of Outstanding Ambassador an impressive three times during her 15-year tenure. Between 1972 and 1983, Marilyn served on many boards including the Better Business Bureau, Community Action Council, San Angelo Coliseum, Auditorium and Convention Center, and San Angelo Advertising Federation. Her most recent achievement was to chair the committee for the placement of Elmer Kelton’s statue at Stephen’s Public Library. Marilyn’s love for her family and her community are evident in everything she does.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank You Volunteers!

Heather and Carrie

Before I became an employee of the Girl Scouts of Central Texas council, I served as a Girl Scout volunteer for six consecutive years. I was a troop leader to a very active troop, an E.L.F (Experienced Leader Friend) on our Service Team, and served as a Co-Service Unit Director for a year. My time as a volunteer was a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

When the opportunity to join the GSCTX staff as a volunteer support liaison, I jumped at the chance. What better way to continue to serve the girls and volunteers than by supporting them at the council level. I am glad I made that choice five years ago because I have met some of the most amazing people over the years. 

Volunteers can be anyone and I have met people who fit into one or more of these areas:

  • Volunteers that work directly with their daughter’s troop. 
  • Volunteers who don’t have daughters of their own but believe in the mission of the organization so they serve as troop leaders. 
  • Volunteers that stick around after their daughters graduate high school because of the satisfaction they get from helping grow girls into leaders and from helping new volunteers. 
  • Volunteers that lead girl Robotics teams. 
  • Volunteers that enjoy supporting behind the scenes and handle paperwork, cookies and spreadsheets. Volunteers that love the good ol’ outdoors and some that prefer the inside.

I have met women and men, old and young, who are eager and enthusiastic about building the leaders of tomorrow and making a difference in the world. I am grateful for every volunteer and what they do to build each Girl Scout of courage, confidence and character.

Whether you give one hour a month or 20 hours a week, whether you enjoy camping or technology, whether you work with Daises or Ambassadors, my hat is off to you! I genuinely and sincerely appreciate all that you do to support our girls.

Thank you! -Heather Givens

Friday, April 13, 2012

San Angelo Women of Distinction Spotlight - Sandra Gray

Sandra Gray
Sandra Gray was born and raised in San Angelo. She graduated from Lakeview High School and attended college at Angelo State University, earning her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees. Sandra is a former public school teacher and administrator for the San Angelo Independent School District and currently serves as co-owner of Gray´s Transmission Inc.

A well-known public speaker in her community, Sandra conducts Black History presentations during the month of February and engages in numerous public speaking opportunities throughout the course of the year. Her passion for public speaking gives her the opportunity to educate others of her rich African-American heritage and inspires her community to make a difference.

Sandra is a faithful member of Solid Rock Church where she leads the Greeter´s Ministry. She has served on many boards including United Way, MHMR, Boys and Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce, Concho Valley Home for Girls, ASU Alumni, National Prayer Breakfast of San Angelo and the Eating and Reading Book Club. Sandra is an inspiration to all those who meet her and a joy to those who love her.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

San Angelo Women of Distinction Spotlight - Maggie Farrington

Maggie Farrington
Maggie Farrington
Maggie Farrington was born and raised in Menard. During the draft, her family relocated to Oklahoma where she graduated from Miami High School and attended Northeastern Oklahoma A&M University. Maggie currently works as a full-time foster grandparent for The Foster Grandparent Program of the Concho Valley and as a part-time substitute teacher for Eden Elementary.

Maggie’s love of agriculture led to her extensive involvement with the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. For 23 years, she has dedicated her time to volunteering with several areas of the organization such as serving on the Premium Sale Fund Committee and as superintendant of the Junior Brangus Heifer Show. Maggie also mentors students through the Concho County 4-H program, where she assists them with their projects.

In 2010, Maggie was awarded ‘Most Enthusiastic Volunteer’ by her stock show and rodeo peers. She also celebrated 20 years of service to the organization in 2009. Maggie is known to light up a room with her positive attitude and gives back not for the recognition, but for the pure act of helping others. Maggie is adored by those in her community and has received standing ovations for her work.

Out & About - April


The Pflugerville City Council held a council meeting last month and Troop 175 attended as special guests. Mayor Coleman invited the girls up as he read a proclamation honoring 100 years of Girl Scouting. Watch the proclamation and the rest of the meeting here. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

San Angelo Women of Distinction Spotlight - Dana Calhoun

Dana Calhoun
Dana Calhoun
Dana was born and raised in San Angelo. She graduated from Central High School and attended Angelo State University. Today, Dana is the proud owner of Grisby’s Boutique and Merle Norman.

In 2007, she started Catwalk for a Cure, which started as a small luncheon and now has grown to be known as San Angelo’s staple event for breast cancer awareness. With more than $96,800 funds raised to date, Catwalk for a Cure benefits local organizations including the American Cancer Society, The Rotary House of Hope and The Shannon Oncology Center. In 2009, Dana opened a 1,200-square-foot center where cancer patients can access educational resources, attend classes, support group meetings and get help with cosmetic needs such as wig fittings, hat samples and makeup consultations. She continues to exemplify herself as an advocate for cancer research and a trailblazer for all women alike.

Dana’s record of accomplishments ranges from being named one of San Angelo’s “Women to Watch” to receiving a distinguished honor from Texas Business Women. In addition to numerous honors, she also serves as president of the Better Business Bureau and board member for the Museum of Fine Arts. Dana’s untiring enthusiasm for her family, business and community personifies the idea of giving back.