Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why do I Volunteer with Girl Scouts?

Volunteer Capitol
At first glance, I would say I do it for my daughter, plain and simple. I want her to have new experiences, make friends from all walks of life, and grow up to be an empowered woman. As a Girl Scout, I experienced all of those things and still carry fond memories of my time in Girl Scouts. I remember camping in our backyard, traveling to a greenhouse farm to learn about raising tomatoes, and learning to appreciate the beauty of bugs. As an adult involved in Girl Scouting, I am now able to help my daughter develop the same open views of the world she lives in, the people, creatures, plants and what makes it go around.

Don’t let me fool you though! I’m in it for me too. Bonding with other parents, traveling to different events, and running cookie sales for our troop helps me realize that I look forward to everything as much as my daughter does! From a huge sing-a-long at the Texas Capitol to tie-dying troop t-shirts to watching our dining room turn into cookie central for six weeks, I love it all! I truly enjoy volunteering with Girl Scouts because of what they represent – encouraging and enabling young women of spread their wings – to opportunities they provide to all Girl Scouts (and parents!).

-Julie Peters

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  1. Yea!!! What a great article! And that little red-head is quite adorable too! She must take after her Auntie...