Thursday, February 14, 2013

Changes to the 2013-14 Cookie Program

cookie banner

As many of you know, the Girl Scout cookie program is very important to our council. For many years, we have received our cookie products through ABC Bakers. In fall 2011, the 22 member Product Sales Committee comprised of volunteers from all areas of the council, voted to evaluate the cookie baker serving Girl Scouts of Central Texas. The purpose was to ensure the best product, price and service was available to our girls, volunteers and supporters.

Both ABC and Little Brownie Bakers (the two official GSUSA-approved cookie vendors) were invited to give a presentation to the Product Sales Committee, volunteers and key staff. We provided the bakers with the criteria in which they would be evaluated. This criteria included program and marketing materials, growth strategies, technology product offering, supply chain and warehousing support, and customer service. After the presentation and much research and deliberation by our committee, they reached a final decision.

Beginning in the 2013-2014 program year, the official cookie baker for Girl Scouts of Central Texas will be Little Brownie Baker. We will begin an official roll-out to our membership later in the year at the annual Service Team Conference and we will schedule information sessions as well. We wanted to take this opportunity to bring this upcoming change to your attention.

While we may be saying goodbye to Lemonades, Thanks-A-Lots and Mango Cremes, we will be welcoming Dulce de Leches, Thank U Berry Munches and the ever popular Savannah Smiles! We are very excited to be working with the great folks at Little Brownie Bakers and are thrilled about the future of the Cookie Program with them as our partner.

For additional questions or comments, contact the Product Sales Department.