Monday, December 5, 2016

Admiral of Adventure

The Great Outdoors are even GREATER with GSCTX! 

As the GSCTX Outdoor Program Specialist, Hilary Bernhard is our Admiral of Outdoor Adventure! Read more about her and how she earned her adventurous spirit. 

I love being outdoors!  I grew up in Orkney, a small island off the top of Scotland. Growing up,  I took every opportunity to go sea kayaking. Having studied outdoor education in Scotland,  I have seen some amazing places and spent time with some incredibly awesome people.   During my studies, I got the opportunity to spend a week cross country skiing in Norway, canoeing rivers in Scotland and river kayaking while enjoying the thrill of rapids. I had the opportunity to rock climb, rappel and hike up a mountain in the dark to watch the sunrise.  Those are just a few of the fun adventures I've had and I'm looking forward to exploring more here in America.  Before coming to America I lived in the tropical rain forest of Australia  while managing an outdoor education camp. My favorite days were when I taught rappel to children. The rappel site was a vertical drop beside a stunning waterfall.   The site was technical and challenging which made completing it a super rewarding experience.  

I try to get outdoors whenever I can.   My favorite days are when I am out enjoying sports that I love and being in nature.  If you haven’t tried something adventurous then my advice is, you should!

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