Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Guest Blog: UT Student Spotlight

Blog post originally written for the blog of UT Austin Office of the Dean of Students. 

Robert White is an intern with Student Emergency Services in the Office of the Dean of Students, and one of the many talented students we enjoy working with every day. Besides his time with us, Robert is a government and business major, and he’s actively involved with the University Leadership Network, Longhorn Catholic Council, and Hispanic Students Org.

Robert has also helped organize a cool event called Girl Code, with his class for Business Ethics, CSR & Service Learning. His class coordinated with students in the class Women in Computer Science and Business Ethics, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Google, and a variety of sponsors to make their event happen.

When we spoke about his work with our office and this project, Robert said “I have used many things I have learned through working with Student Emergency Services during this project and in class, like working at a fast pace in a highly stressful environment. My work with Student Emergency Services made me more comfortable bringing new ideas to the table. They gave me the tools I would need to be a successful team member in this project. I have learned so much from from this projects and working with Girl Scouts and Google, it has truly been an awesome experience.” 

About Girl Code:
Girl Code is a one day event in which preteen girls experienced core topics in computer science in a fun and engaging way. There were be several activities for the girls to learn what code looks like and how it works. Prizes, t-shirts and badges were be awarded for the event.

This event was sponsored by the Google Community Leaders program and was organized by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, UT Women in Computer Science, among others. 

The goals for Girl Code were to engage girls in critical thinking and problem-solving activities, social development, and parent/guardian involvement and support, while introducing girls to coding and encouraging them to pursue college degrees in STEM fields.

Parents were able to talk with current UT Austin computer science students and ambassadors to learn about our computer science program and application process.

*Did you miss Girl Code? No worries, you can still learn to code, or have a Made with Code party! Get coding now: 

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