Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 Things I Can't Wait to do in Japan

GSCTX is taking a girl-led trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2017. While you still have some time before you need to pack your bags, it's not too early to mark the date on your calendar and reserve your spot on the trip! 

Here are 10 things we CAN'T WAIT to do when we go to Japan: 
-         1 – Try new food! Do you like sushi?
-         2 – Visit the Great Buddha- it's way better in real life than in pictures...
-         3 – Do a service project in a local community- Girl Scouts are all about service!
-         4 – See different cultural and historical museums- there are tons of cool artifacts! 
-         5 – Explore different cities like Tokyo and Hakone- Hako-where?! 
-         6 - Ride a cable car up Mount Komagatake- oh my gosh, for real???
-         7 - Take a guided tour of the Bamboo Forest- there's a whole forest...? 
-         8 -  Visit Odawara Castle- will we see a prince and princess? 
-         9 - Ride the bullet train to Kyoto- what the heck is a bullet train?! 

-         10 - Share your love for Girl Scouts with Japanese Girl Guides- new sisters, yay!

We definitely just convinced you. Email for more info on this trip! 

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