Friday, May 29, 2015


Recently I was lucky enough to be one of the two girls that got  to go on a limo ride with the CEO of Girl Scouts!!!!  The third girl however did not get to participate in all the cool activities  because something came up, which was really sad. 

We started our adventure by leaving the Kodosky Program Center in a HUGE, black Limo!   Our first stop was lunch at MAGGIANO’S LITTLE ITALY,  an amazing Italian restaurant. Then for our second adventure we went shopping at FOREVER 21 the most awesome store ever in my opinion! 

Next we set off to an amazingly beautiful candy store and were  able to get all kinds of candy. I got over a pound of jelly beans!  Isabel loaded up on gummy bears, they’re her favorite. As we were leaving Ms. Lynelle bought us ice cream cones. :) Our final shopping stop was  CLAIRE’S and there we bought all kinds of cool new accessories.

“This was the best day ever!” said  Isabel. We were very lucky that day fore we spent none of our own money because Ms. Lynelle had given us each a $50 gift card at each store. 

But most of all it was amazing because Isabel and I realized that we had been on a trip to Great Wolf Lodge together several years ago, so two old friends got reunited and became even closer. 

Ravyn D
Cadette Scout
Media Girl Graduate

3,500+ cookie seller!

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  1. Great story!!! Love those divas. :)