Friday, February 28, 2014

Trail of Thought: Positivity Rocks

A nationwide movement is afoot and it's all thanks to  members of Troop 219. These amazing girls wanted to create a way to spread positive ideas and energy for their Silver Award, so they did.  They came up with the Trail of Thought, a way for girls to spread good-will and happiness, making the world a better place. The troop wrote inspirational quotes and phrases on rocks and then distributed them to members of their community. They describe the project to being similar to geocaching, but with the Girl Scout twist. 

                The troop now holds regular “Thought Parties” to start up their project and made party instructions available on their website.   Once there, visitors can view those who have participated in the Trail of Thought movement, which has taken over the East Coast. The troop is excited for the movement to spread even further, so check out their website and Facebook page and join in on the fun!

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