Monday, February 17, 2014

Cookie Spotlight: Danielle R.

Few people love Girl Scout cookies more than the staff at GSCTX. Today we're featuring Danielle R. who works out of Waco and is a Tagalong fan. We can't blame her! It makes sense she would love them so much, since she's just as sweet! Take it away, Danielle:

What is your favorite cookie?
My favorite cookie is the Tagalong; anything with peanut butter is a sure win with me!

If you were a cookie what cookie would you be and why?
If I were a cookie, I think I’d be a Trefoil. I’m classic and a bit of an old soul. I’m reliable and loyal, as I picture the oldest cookie to be.

Do you know any of the cookie characters and if so could you describe one?
Girl Scout cookie characters- like the image that goes with them? I know them all! Tagalongs  have a red hat on and carry a baseball bat and wearing red shoes and tall socks. Thin Mints have an “old school” style Girl Scout hat on and a green sash. The Do Si Do is wearing an orange cowboy hat and jamming out on a guitar.

Do you remember the first time you had a Girl Scout Cookie?
I don’t remember eating one for the first time, but when I see the cardboard cases from LBB, I have blast from the past memories.

What is your favorite part about cookie season?
My favorite part of Girl Scout cookie season is talking to the girls about their goals. I love to be reminded of how brilliant and adventurous they are. I love hearing the excitement in their voices when they describe their goal to me and what they’ll get to do when they accomplish their goal.

What advice do you have for Girl Scouts braving the cold weather to sell cookies?
Smiles and laughing are contagious. Show people that you are enjoying yourself by doing so and they’ll be more likely to approach you and give you a sale. If you enjoy cookies, other people will, too. Looking miserable- people aren't as likely to approach you.

If you had the last box of Girl Scout cookies in the entire world who would you share it with?
The last box of GS cookies in the entire world- eek- what a predicament! I’d share my box with…someone who owns an ice cream shop so we could mix the ice cream and the cookies together and make them last longer!

Thanks, Danielle!!

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