Monday, February 17, 2014

Camp Series: KJ Falchuk, GSCTX Camps Coordinator

One of the core experiences of Girl Scouts is camp—we've long been known for encouraging the development of female leaders through our camp program and we are getting ready for one of the best seasons yet.

With the release of our long-awaited Camp Guide, we’re also launching our Camp Series: a weekly feature on our blog where you’ll get to know more about the whole journey, from counselors to camp grounds and everything in between.

Today we kick off with our Camps Coordinator, KJ Falchuck.

KJ Flachuck, Camps Coordinator
My name is KJ Falchuck and I’m the Camps Coordinator at GSCTX as of October 2013. I have the best job in the world! Not only do I get to coordinate camp staff and operations at Camp Kachina and Camp Texlake, but I get to meet and talk with amazing Girl Scouts year-round!

Although I wasn't a Girl Scout growing up, I've long loved going to camp and being outdoors.  I am so happy to be welcomed as a Girl Scout as an adult and to be able to learn so much from Daisies to Ambassadors and beyond!

Since I wasn't a Girl Scout, I went to a church camp growing up and loved it so much that I worked in it for 7 summers: 5 in Texas, one as a backpack guide in Colorado, and one in Brooklyn, NY!  Camp is a powerful, wonderful experience--near and far!

One of the best things about camp is learning about who you are.  I learned at camp that instead of trying to be someone else, I should always try to be the best version of myself!  Camp was the first place where I really knew that I belonged outside of my family; that is what I want all campers to feel as well!

My fondest memories of camp are playing the guitar with hundreds of people singing camp songs around a fire.  What could be better than singing at the top of your lungs with a bunch of friends outside?

While camp is full of heroes, my personal heroes were my first counselors from Camp Chrysalis. They taught me that it is a lot about responsibility, joy, and that it’s quite an honor to be a person's very first camp counselor!  

Given my own experience at camp, my favorite thing is to see transformation.  Girl Scout campers realize how powerful, smart, and capable they are.  By the end of a week at camp, girls have made new friends and done things they never dreamt possible!

If I could tell girls anything about camp it’s that we need you!  Yes, you!  Every camper makes our week brighter.  Can't make it this summer?  Check us out year-round on the weekends!  We can't wait to see you at Girl Scout camp!

I’m KJ Falchuck and camp is camptastic!

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