Monday, February 24, 2014

Cookie Spotlight: David M.

Few people are bigger fans of Girl Scout cookies as staff at GSCTX. Today we present to David M. He is one of our awesome rangers at Camp Texlake and a Girl Scout cookie fan. Take it away, David!

What is your favorite cookie?

If you were a cookie what cookie would you be and why?
      The short bread cookie because it’s an original, much like I am.

Do you know any of the cookie characters and if so could you describe one?
A Samoa, it looks like a big cookie with little lines of chocolate on it.

Do you remember the first time you had a Girl Scout Cookie? My sister sold them as a brownie when I was little, so I got to sample a thin mint for the first time. Pretty amazing.

What is your favorite part about cookie season? 
Seeing the girls sell cookies to achieve a goal, such as raising money for a troop trip to D.C. or to travel abroad.

What advice do you have for Girl Scouts braving the cold weather to sell cookies?
Hot cocoa! Bring enough for you and your potential customers, might be just enough to get some extra sales.

If you had the last box of Girl Scout cookies in the entire world who would you share it with? My wife, of course!

We have to agree: Thin Mints are pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing, David!
Stay tuned for more of our cookie spotlights.

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