Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Troop Tuesday: Troop Leader Appreciation

Girl Scouts thrives on the dedicated work of volunteers. These volunteers spend countless hours developing as leaders themselves, and helping the girls in their troops become stronger leaders, too. As is often the case with kids, volunteers don't always hear thank you for the time that they give. This letter was sent to us by a volunteer, and we agree- it warmed our hearts! 

"We had a badge requirement that asked the girls to find a Girl Scout volunteer in their community who exemplifies the Girl Scout law and deserves recognition and praise. 
I asked one of the girls to present this to the others and I stayed out of the area while they worked on it.They wrote these notes on a banner that they made for me.  You can see this in the picture.It warmed my heart." -Max Burns, Troop 7003, Greater Waco Service Unit

 Here's what the girls said:

Miss Max, I am so glad that you are my Girl Scout leader. The past 5 years in scouts we have made sooo many memories. I would like to thank you for not just being my Leader but my friend. You have taught, not just me but so many others how to be better a life. You are the reason for bringing the troop so close together, I don't just have Live Long Friends but also sisters for life. I am glad to get to call you my leader. Thank you for those nights  when you stayed up with us and for us. Thank  you for giving up your weekend to throw sleepovers and to  go to Kachina. Thank you for spending money on us. Thank you for no getting made at us when we get angry. I wanted to say Thank You, because we don't say it a lot, thank you for all you do.

I am very grateful that out of all the Girl Scout Leaders there are, I ended up being in your troop. The time I've spent in your troop has been some of the best of my life. Thanks to Girl Scouts, I have many opportunities I would've have other wise, and that's all thanks to you for starting my journey. This troop has helped me learned many skills and I have made amazing friends as well. We all are glad that you are here to lead us. So, thank you.

I am very glad that I am in this troop because it gives me lots of new opportunities that I  would never have if you weren't so dedicated to the troop.

Thank you for every thing.Love ya!!

I love Mrs. Max because she is such a great troop leader and I'm glad to have her. I feel like I'm so lucky to have her.

Dear Grandma, You are the reason I joined Girl Scouts and thank you so much because I love it and you make it soo fun. You always make all of our camping trips and events so fun.You spent your Girl Scout money just so we could spend an extra day on our trip.Thank you so very much. I really appreciate all you do for me and all the girls.

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