Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Any Travel Adventure is Best with a Backpack

Using a backpack while long distance hiking is a “no-brainer”; it just makes sense. But a good backpack is also the best way to carry your belongings on any traveling adventure. Whether you travel a distance by canoe, horseback, airplane, train or whatever – a light weight backpack that’s well equipped is the best way to carry your stuff.

Here are 5 Reasons to Choose a Light Weight Backpack for travel adventures:

1.       You are Very Portable when you have your home on your back. Just like a turtle! This adaptability helps you quickly go where the fun and adventure is.
2.       You Enjoy Keeping It Simple – it’s liberating and gives you such freedom when you learn how to be a minimalist. What independence you feel when your stuff doesn’t “own” you.
3.       You Have Fewer Worries So More Fun – worrying about lots of stuff is a downer. You’re out there to embrace adventure, so just do it!
4.       You Are More Physically Fit – Carrying a well fitted backpack will build up your stamina and endurance unlike a rolling suitcase. You can enjoy eating more calories!
5.       You Know How Your Needs Are Different From Your Wants – Taking only what you need on adventures prepares you for being on your own someday. Wants are just luxuries and it’s best see the necessary priorities of your stuff.

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