Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Adventure in Costa Rica by Brooke S.

 My Girl Scout Destination that I participated in this summer was the best experience I’ve ever been a part of. This summer I was able to travel to Costa Rica to be a part of Catching Waves session #2. I met my new best friends on this Destination. The first day on course, we met and were all instant friends. For one of our activities on the beach, we played human knot. At first, we finished the game in under one minute. Then we played it without talking. We finished the knot in under 45 seconds! Then after that Bailey, our counselor, told us to only have one person talking, we did that before she started the timer. 

My group of girls and I were able to work together very well. My three counselors were and still are role models to me. The first day that I was there, I was very scared of taking chances. I was nervous to meet new people and not the best at surfing. Now, all I want to do is to jump off of rocks into fast moving rapids, zip line over San Jose, see my Costa Rica friends, and of course, go surfing (see me below on the left in the pink rash guard).  

 Every morning we spent on the beach. On the days that the other girls could actually wake me up, we woke up at around six in the morning. We would get to have a surf session in the morning, and also in the afternoon, every day. We got to play games called beach Olympics. The games would help us learn in some way. For example, Spanish charades. We also made ‘anything’ from scratch from things that we found on the beach. My team made a dog hut from wood and palms from palm trees, for a local dog named Mimi. 

 On the second to last day at the beach, the girls I helped a local school, by painting the kindergarten building. The next day we got to go back and meet all of the kids. Since it was July 24, the Annexation of Guanacaste day, the kids got to play with us. We got to experience what school is like for them, also we learned more about their culture, and music. I met this kid named Messi and became fast friends.  We played soccer with the children and yes we did lose three to nothing. 

I have high anxiety, and I've been through a lot ever since my parents divorced. Thank you, to Girl Scouts for making this possible for me. I am so thankful that I got this opportunity. I worked hard to earn my side of the cost, and I am already starting to earn so I can go next year on new adventures. Thank you for your support. 

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