Thursday, August 20, 2015

Travel Thursday: Grand Canyon

This was a trip of firsts, my first destination, my first time to the Grand Canyon, my first plane ride and my first time traveling out of the state for a real vacation. I'm really glad I got to go on this trip, and that spring woods could pay for so much of it! I'm really thankful, because if that didn't happen there's only a tiny little chance I could of made it on this trip.

This trip was good from start to finish, the lead hiker (Sarah) was really informative and welcoming to us when we got to her house! Really all the grown ups from the cactus pine council were really good at teaching leadership and they were very informative before we set off for the canyon! 

Being inside the canyon was really refreshing and fun, and I never expected that many people to be at the bottom of the canyon in phantom ranch! Oh speaking of phantom ranch, I got sworn in as a phantom ranch junior ranger, which was loads of fun because we had to run all the way there to get the ranger to sign off on our booklets before she did a ranger talk.

Camp MariPai was great as well since we got to go horseback riding, canoeing and we watched Tangled! I'm glad we got to share a unit with all those brownies, they were adorable! We all made friends, and when we had to leave one of the brownies even started crying. It was really heart breaking, knowing we won't ever see those girls again.

The teens on the trip made pretty good friends with each other. We got along well for the most part. But it's a shame they don't live close by either... I guess I have more reasons to travel the U.S.!
Oh and we got to go to a nice water park and a place called amazing Jake's, where we played games and rode a few little roller coasters and played a REALLY fun game of laser tag because we were the only ones in there (besides one cute little girl).

I know it sounds cheesy but after surviving the canyon, I really feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

- a very thankful Girl Scout, Tamara B.

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