Friday, March 19, 2010

What's your priority?

IMG_0417News stories about trends in schools and education are constant. From which gender's test grades are higher to the latest school district budget cuts, changes in our education are everywhere. Some of the common themes include...
  • Girls lagging behind boys in math and science, often attributed to a lack of interest (MSNBC story)
  • Boys lagging behind girls in reading, possibly because boys' brains are more visually oriented (ABC News story)
  • Health and arts programs cut or reduced to rectify budgets (Austin American-Statesman story)
With all the challenges, needs for focus and many requirements to be met, which areas do you think are most important? What should receive the most funding? How does your family supplement the school day?

Have you intentionally incorporated Girl Scout programs into your daughter's education? What types of programs should Girl Scouts offer to help your daughter succeed?

-Cheryl Black

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