Monday, March 22, 2010

5 Easy Ways to Support Girls

When it comes to Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers, there are two truths that almost always hold true:
  1. You think girls rock and you care about their success.
  2. You are busy!
Sometimes these truths don't necessarily complement. There are only so many hours in the day and you want to use every one of them to their fullest potential. We're all about it. Here are five quick and easy ways you can support girls and Girl Scouting without cramping your very busy lifestyle.
  1. Take the Power of Girls pledge. The well-being of girls is not just an issue for girls and their parents; it's an everyone issue. When girls succeed, families are healthier and economies are stronger. Take this pledge to tell the world, you care about the well-being of girls everywhere.
  2. Share our Facebook page on your profile. You are on Facebook already so take a quick second and let all your friends know that you love Girl Scouting. You are bound to open a few people's eyes to the many benefits of Girl Scouting and girl leadership.
  3. Brag about Girl Scouts. Stop your neighbor, chat at coworker's cube, call your sister and tell them all what fun it is to be a Girl Scout. Tell them about learning to build campfires or helping girls program robots or having slumber parties at the zoo. Bottom line: let them know, Girl Scouts is where it's at.
  4. Read Volunteer Essentials. It's your one-stop Girl Scout spot for emergency procedures, girl development, volunteer recognition and more. Make it your bedtime reading or take it on the plane with you. Either way, take a second and explore this amazing resource.
  5. Take our survey. Every month we have a new survey on our Web site (this month it's about the shop). By spending just a couple minutes completing it each month, you are helping make Girl Scouts better for you and all your Girl Scout sisters. You can also recommend survey topics by reaching out to the Communications Staff.

Thank you for loving Girl Scouts! We love you right back!

-Cheryl Black

Photo: Amazing committed service team members at the 2009 Service Team Conference.

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