Thursday, March 11, 2010

Troop 23's Cookie Success

Brownies_Troop23From a troop email for Troop 23...

The girls did a great job this year--it seems like they really got into it and sold many more cookies than last year. Altogether, our troop sold 2,016 boxes. We will receive $778.82 from council as our troop profit. I will be taking about 160 boxes to council for the soldiers.

I have been hearing that some of the girls have made big strides since last year in being able to present themselves to the public and in developing confidence. I'm very glad to hear those comments. It is neat to see the girls grow and mature. It is also heartwarming to witness repeatedly how generous our customers are. The amount of money given to us in the form of donations, tips, and soldier donations is amazing. Lila has a special place in her heart for those select customers who buy HER a box of cookies! In my last 9 years of selling cookies with my girls, I hear over and over how so many of our customers sold cookies themselves. One customer said her troop made their own cookies to sell--that was in the early years (starting in 1917 when sales first began). My girls have promised themselves that they will always buy cookies from the girls they encounter who are selling them. Thanks to you all for supporting your daughters and standing out in the freezing temps. (This has been the coldest sales period in the last 9 years!) Hopefully our troop experiences paid for with cookie money will be meaningful and memorable to the girls.

-Ann, Troop 23 Leader

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