Monday, March 1, 2010

The Pearl of the Concho Valley

Recently a volunteer emailed the council to brag about a fellow volunteer, Alison. The email read
Alison has done an outstanding job this membership year with taking over service unit events. She has tried to recruit in event coordinators in the Concho Pearl area and strived to hold events for all age levels meeting the requests of activities the girls want to do. -Tia
We always love hearing about committed and enthusiastic volunteers. To re-energize the volunteer in us all, here's Alison in her own words.

GS_bronze_09_012Q. What is your involvement with Girl Scouts?
A. I was a Girl Scout myself as a Brownie and Junior way back when. Unfortunately, my leader was unable to continue and we had no other adult willing to step up and lead us so my experience ended after a couple of years as a Junior. I came back into Girl Scouting as an adult when my older daughter was a 3rd grade Brownie. For her, I was an involved parent who helped as a chaperone and badge leader. That daughter was in Girl Scouts through middle school and earned her Silver Award. When we moved to San Angelo, my younger daughter was starting 1st grade and I wanted to get her into Girl Scouts. She joined Troop 5031 at Bowie Elementary that year but the leaders were both moving at the end of the year. Having been through the experience of losing a troop as a girl because of no leader, I did not want that to happen to my daughter and the other girls, so I became the troop leader and have been so ever since although we have had many girls come and go in the troop. We are currently Cadettes and enjoy both events where Girl Scouts get together to have fun, but opportunities to provide service and leadership in our community. Many of my girls are also in the National Junior Honor Society which recognizes their leadership and service.

IMG_0752Q. What motivates you to dedicate time and energy to Girl Scouts?
A. Most of us who volunteer in Girl Scouts have similar motivations. We want to see girls succeed in whatever they try to do. Girl Scouts encourages them to try things they might not do otherwise.

Learn more about becoming a Girl Scout volunteer.

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