Thursday, July 14, 2016

10 Reasons NOT to Renew Your Girl Scout Membership

We thought long and hard about it and these are the only reasons we find for why anyone wouldn't want to sign up for another incredible year of Girl Scouting! 

1.       You don’t enjoy having fun
2.      You don’t want to create memories to last a lifetime
3.      You’re not interested in celebrating 100 Years of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale
4.      Having new adventures just isn’t your thing
5.      Life-changing experiences aren’t your thing either
6.      You can live without creating a special unique bond and joining a sisterhood
7.      Travel, camping, making robots, earning badges and patches sounds boring
8.      You enjoy being overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year
9.      You don’t want an AWESOME (FREE!) Early Bird Patch
10.  You’re not interested in helping girls make the world a better place

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