Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In Her Own Words: GSCTX LaTheasa Stevens Shares Her GS Story

Girl Scout Volunteer Extraordinaire and Superstar SUD, LaTheasa Stevens has dedicated YEARS of service to help make our council shine! Check out the Q&A below to learn more about her experiences as a GSCTX volunteer and why she loves being a Girl Scout! 

How long have you been a Girl Scout (as a girl and a volunteer)?
I have been an active participant with Girl Scouts for over nine years.  I began as an interested parent who just wanted my daughters to experience the girl scouting ways.  I was never a Girl Scout growing up so I wanted my girls to have this awesome experience.  Later, I became a troop leader for my youngest daughter’s troop. Afterwards, I became the Service Unit Cookie Manager to now the Mustang Valle Service Unit Director.  I have enjoyed every step of the way!

Why do you volunteer with Girl Scouts?
When I was a parent volunteer I saw that my oldest daughter’s troop leader was AWESOME! My daughter and I had so many wonderful girl scouting adventures and travels. We also learned canoeing, shooting bows and arrows, making ovens out of a box and foil,  along with learning about nature at many of the Girl Scout camping grounds.  It was then I committed to do more for and with my local Girl Scout troops. I believe every girl should join this amazing organization.

What is it like to be a SUD? 
I enjoy being Mustang Valle’s SUD.  I have a wonderful team of committed parents who share my goal of making sure every girl has an awesome girl scouting experience.  I’m always learning something new and finding ways to continue promoting excitement, adventure, and teamwork among my leaders.  I truly appreciate each of my Mustang Valle leaders and Service Unit team.

What is your favorite part of being a Girl Scout volunteer?
My favorite part of being a Girl Scout volunteer is that there are no limitations to what our girls can do.  The Girl Scout organization has training for our girls in almost every field.  My joy as a volunteer is seeing growth and development in each girl.  It’s exciting when a girl expresses interest in wanting to travel or learn something new. Our troops work with the girls to develop plans, set realistic goals, and execute their ideas. This within itself is so rewarding.  These girls are developing skills that will carry them to any career.

One thing people may be surprised to know about Girl Scouts?
One thing that surprises people about Girl Scouts is longevity.  When I tell them that most girls begin as Daisies and remain connected through seniors in high school.  I love sharing with others that we have growth opportunities for every girl no matter the age, race, or learning ability. 

What advice would you give to other volunteers?
I would encourage every volunteer to always remember that ‘It is about the girl!’ Every volunteer has other things that takes our attention, so we have to remain diligent. Staying focused, and presenting excitement and new adventures to every girl is not always easy, but it is so worth it!

Favorite Girl Scout cookie?
My favorite cookie is the Do-Si-Dos (a.k.a) Peanut Butter Sandwiches.  I absolutely love these cookies!  I’ve even attached a photo of my own Cookie Bookmark and journal.  I created it for myself and take it everywhere (especially during cookie season).  It’s a great ice breaker to finding out everyone’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie.

Favorite Girl Scout tradition?
My favorite Girl Scout tradition is learning the GS Promise and Law. It starts off with just trying to memorize every line.  But then it builds to becoming a core foundation of establishing integrity and responsibility in every member.  

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