Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#VirtualVacation: Kate's Canada Experience

From camping in Canada to hiking in the Swiss Alps to fine dining in the Big Apple, GSCTX Girl Scouts are on the move this summer going on whirlwind ADVENTURES! Following along on their journey here on the Cookie Bites Blog and our other social media platforms! 

Kate's Canada Experience 
Coming here is my first time out of the country and to Canada. I have noticed that some of the way of living is the same, but the words may be different. Did you know that people in Canada call patches, crests. The food and restaurants are also different. I haven't met this many people from this many places at once. When you talk to Canadians they ask about stereotypical things about Texas and we do the same with them. We celebrate a lot of the same holidays and religions. We have a lot of the same clothing brands. Even though the other scouts are from another country I was surprised to learn that they can be just like me. SWAPs here are called "traders" which was a new term I learned. Girls outside of the US prefer to trade badges instead of SWAPs. I really like the ones that say where the girl is from. I made some new friends from Alberta, Ontario, Australia and Zimbabwe. The weather has been wet and muddy which compared to Texas weather is much better. I would rather be wet and cold than hot and sweaty. All of the activities have been fun and the location for camp is beautiful, everything is so green. I am going to miss the weather, the green grass, Canada and the people I have bonded with. It is cool being out of the country, and experiencing other people's culture and everyday life while having fun.

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