Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gold Award Spotlight: Solana O. Helps Knights in Need

Written by: Solana O., GSCTX Gold Girl Scout 

A History of Helping 
Helping others is just something I grew up doing – with my family, my church, and my Girl Scout troop.  Last year I learned that almost 40 percent of the students in my school are from low income families and are eligible for the National School Lunch Program.  Some students do not have a permanent home, access to regular meals, clothing, or reliable transportation to and from school. 

Tough Decisions
I understand how difficult being a teenager in high school can be with all the social and academic pressures that surround students. I am fortunate to live in a two-parent household and do not have to face the challenges of wondering where I will sleep or when I will eat or how I will get to school. My family is fortunate enough to not have to make tough decisions about whether to buy food or keep the electricity on in the house. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to struggle in this type of environment and continue to succeed in school, both academically and socially. 

Raising Awareness 
Every student deserves a chance to learn and grow without worries for food, clothing and transportation. My goal was to provide at least some of these basic resources and to let those students know they are supported in their community. I also wanted to raise awareness of the problem so as to create a better understanding of real-life situations that many of our peers face every day.  I am proud of the work being continued and expanded throughout the entire vertical team.  It truly takes a village and that village is now better aware of the needs within it!

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