Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gold Award Spotlight: Sarika M's Mission to Help Haiti

Written by: GSCTX Gold Gold Scout, Sarika M. 

Golden Inspiration 
I chose my Gold Award project after traveling to Haiti for the first time two years ago to volunteer at my school's sister school in Haiti, St. Etienne. I was inspired by the St. Etienne community's passion for education and I wanted to find a way to better their lives. 

Taking Action
For my Gold Award project, I created awareness about St. Etienne. I organized a beanie baby drive to benefit the students at St. Etienne. I have a leadership role in Elevate, a new international development club at my school in which we learn and discuss global issues, including those in Haiti and St. Etienne. Most importantly, I created a website ( that features pictures of all the students at St. Etienne, fun facts, and more information about the school. The website was showcased at an Elevate bake sale and at five other Haitian cultural exhibitions. 

Gold Girl Advice 

My project took more time than expected to complete, so I would advise other Girl Scouts who wish to earn the Gold Award to manage their time wisely and plan a breakdown of all the hours before starting the project. 

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