Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gold Award Spotlight: Abigail S. Creates Music for All

Written by: Abigail S., GSCTX Gold Girl Scout  

Golden Goal 
My name is Abagail S., and I have been a Girl Scout my entire life. I started as a Daisy
and I just accomplished one of my life goals of achieving my gold award. My Gold Award was
titled, Music For All, Big or Small, and its purpose was to create a free and easily accessible
resource that enabled young students to learn more about the musical instruments offered in a
band program.

Researching the Issue 
I started out my project by looking for a problem in my community. The issue that I saw
was that there was a lacking in the general knowledge of the musical instruments in a band
program. I would talk about band with all my friends, and they would always tell me that they
wish that they were in band but they didnt know anything about it when they had the chance to
join and not it was too late for them to join now, being Juniors and Seniors in high school. I
decided to make a YouTube page and post video tutorials of the different instruments in band,
because it was free and anyone with a computer has access to YouTube. I already owned a
camcorder, so I needed no funding for my project. I gathered some volunteers that were in band
with me to star in my videos because I only play French Horn. Each video covered the basics,
meaning how to hold the instrument, how to play the instrument, and the easy parts and the
hard parts of playing the instruments. 

Sweet Sound of Success
The most difficult aspect of my project was finding the time to film my volunteers around their busy schedules. But, once I finished, edited, and published my videos the rest was just getting them known in the community. I hosted booths at a couple of Girl Scout festivals and events, and played my videos and passed out flyers with the videos urls on them. This whole project has been a great learning experience for me, with learning how to use the camcorder, to learning how to edit footage, to even learning more about the different instruments in band.

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