Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Girls Are Waiting For You, So What Are You Waiting For?

After the New York Time's article about the change in focus at Girl Scouts, another by NPR and a blog post by GSUSA, it's evident that the Girl Scout movement is facing adverse times. 

The problem we have right now isn't creating interest from girls, or the decline in Girl Scout membership. Girls are ready to make new friends, go on adventures, learn new skills, sing songs and to feel empowered time and time again. They need capable leaders who can take them on these new experiences, hold their hand when they need it and let go when they're ready. They need adult role models that will provide the support they need to develop the self-reliance and confidence they need to face the ever-changing landscape and challenges we're still faced as women. 

Being a troop leader is NOT an easy task. It takes time, energy and lots of effort. But anyone that's ever seen a girl smile after completing her first High Ropes course or witnessed the surge of confidence a whole troop gets after returning from their first back-packing trip can tell you it's worth every bit of work. Because while you help these girls grow, you're growing, too. The satisfaction you gain from knowing that you're making a real difference in girls' lives is far too big to describe, but anyone that does it can tell you it's true. And that's worth more than all the Thin Mints in the world. 

To become the role model your local Girl Scouts will never forget, click here. To Invite a Friend to become a troop leader, click here.

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