Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top Nine Reasons to Invite a Friend to Volunteer With You

If there's something we know at GSCTX, it's that friends make everything better! That's why we're encouraging you to Invite a Friend on the most exciting journey you've been on: being a troop leader.

We know you understand, dear troop leader. But in case you're surrounded by horses—AKA 'naysayers'—then point them toward this post and convince them otherwise:

Here are the top nine reasons to invite a friend to volunteer with Girl Scouts TODAY…

9.  There are LESS THAN 613 hours left to take advantage of the Volunteer Invite a Friend
offer. Hey—time flies.

8.  We’re trying to set a new record for onboarding volunteers in a single month! Help us recruit over 50 volunteers this month! Within our council, that's a little over one volunteer per county. PIECE. OF.CAKE.

7.  Did we mention all the Girl Scout gear you can buy? During the Volunteer Invite-a-Friend offer, when you invite a friend to volunteer with us, you’ll get a $50 coupon code to use at Girl Scouts’ Official Online Store.

6.  The more the merrier! Imagine having one more Girl Scout sister to share that box of Thin Mints with—no more eating cookies all by yourself! (It's ok, we do it, too.)

5.  There are 17,652 Girl Scouts at GSCTX… and another 30,000 girls nationwide who are sitting around waiting for you and your friend to step up and start troops for them.

4.  The best memories are the ones that make you laugh out loud! Make a "Happy Bank" deposit by helping girls from your area make memories and friends they'll keep forever.

3.  “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold…” Need we say more?

2.  It's been scientifically proven that laughing keeps you young! Forget expensive creams—girl giggles, silly stories, new experiences, and breaking out of your comfort zone are the real Fountain of Youth.

1.   Before you came along, your girls were waiting for someone to be their role model. There are girls still waiting for that role model to come along. Invite a friend to make a difference in these girls’ lives today!

Once you've invited a friend to start a new troop, let us know RIGHT HERE!Have a question? Contact

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