Thursday, September 10, 2015

Travel Thursday: Part 3- Logistics

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We're continuing this week with the final part of a three-part series just for parents about the joys (and concerns) of Girl Scouts traveling the country (and the world!) Today's we're talking about logistics and general travel questions. 

For the series, we interviewed Beth Abel, who is a member of the Council’s Travel Interest Group and a Girl Scout adult volunteer in CTGSC since 1992, during which time she was a troop leader and the founder of the teen Girl Scout outdoor program, High Adventure Team. Ten Girl Scouts received their Gold Awards under her leadership. She has been a sponsor on international trips for GSUSA and continues to enjoy a forty year career counseling with adolescents and their families.

Q: Can my Girl Scout take her cell phone so we can be in touch in case of emergencies? 
A: Yes, she will be allowed to take her cell phone. However, each trip has a cell phone policy that the girls and adults agree to ahead of the trip occurring. If the girl does not have her cell phone it will be in possession of the trip lead as a part of the agreed plan about cell phones. Adult chaperones are not responsible for lost or stolen phones or electronics on the trip.

Q: Do you worry about discipline on these trips? 
A: Discipline is rarely a problem because the girls and adult volunteers have worked together for a common goal that has a purpose of fun for everyone. However, both girls and parents will be signing a behavior contract before leaving for the trip. If the girl does not adhere to the contract and is being asked to leave the trip it will be at the expense of the girl and her family.

Q: Is there financial assistance available? 
A: Yes, you can apply for financial assistance using the financial partnership application form found on and note on your form the council trip you are applying for.

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