Thursday, September 3, 2015

Travel Thursday: Part 2- What will my Girl Scout get out of a trip?

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We're continuing this week with Part 2 of a three-part series just for parents about the joys (and concerns) of Girl Scouts traveling the country (and the world!) 

For the series, we interviewed Beth Abel, who is a member of the Council’s Travel Interest Group and a Girl Scout adult volunteer in CTGSC since 1992, during which time she was a troop leader and the founder of the teen Girl Scout outdoor program, High Adventure Team. Ten Girl Scouts received their Gold Awards under her leadership. She has been a sponsor on international trips for GSUSA and continues to enjoy a forty year career counseling with adolescents and their families.

Q: Will my daughter be meeting strange people on this trip? 
A: That is the beauty of traveling, meeting new and interesting people. So much personal growth happens for a girl when she experiences herself successfully handling a new situation and a new culture. All of the activities that were planned by the girls will be supervised by the adult chaperones and they make sure that the girls’ safety is the number one priority. They will have the chance to make new friends and talk with different people.

Q: Will I get a detailed itinerary of the trip? 
Yes, every trip as it gets closer to the event will have a detailed itinerary as well as phone numbers of places the girls are staying and chaperone cell phones in case of an emergency. Remember these are girl planned trips, so the girls make the decisions on the activities and lodging so if the group hasn’t talked about it yet, there is no information to give.

Q: You talk about independence and leadership on these trips. How will my Girl Scout gain that on this trip? 
A: Leadership growth and development happens from the beginning as the girls talk on conference calls and plan out the details of the trips. They experience their unique contribution to the team of girls working together. Girls will learn to navigate in the new city they are visiting, maybe a new language and money management. These are just some of the few independent skills girls will be taking away from council trips.

Q: Will my Girl Scout learn anything on this trip? 
A: What won’t your Girl Scout learn on this trip? How to work in a group, money management, teamwork, navigation and map skills, use of public transportation, manners and etiquette (for those fancy nights out!) and if she is going abroad, a new language!

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