Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#TroopTuesday - Pirates Day and Corpus Christi

Wildflower Trail Service Unit participated in Pirate Day. According to the girls, it "was AWESOME!!"  The girls all had a blast. They were featured in the paper.

There's a very good chance the girls will do this event again in the future. ARRRRGGHH, Matey!

Thirteen fifth grade Juniors in Troop 211 went to a carefully planned weekend at and near Corpus.  What did they do?  They learned how to make sand castles from a professional sand sculptor, rode horses on the beach, watched 81 baby sea turtles be released into the wild, took a dolphin boat and learned a ton about the animals native to the Gulf Coast, we learned to surf (all 13 girls were riding the waves!), and visited the Texas State Aquarium.

All 13 girls tried something they had never done and conquered some fears in the process!  What a weekend, the Girl Scout Way!

Glad you had such a great time, girls!!

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