Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Troop 988 travels to Savannah

Troop leader, Bridget Elliott, traveled to Savannah, GA with her troop and had an amazing time. Below is her account of everything they did. 

"We had a wonderful trip!  Savannah and Tybee Island are incredible.  While there we visited First HQ, the Birthplace, Tybee Island Marine Science center, Andrew Low House, Savannah Candy Co., The Lady and Sons, The Crabshack, and Old Fort Jackson.  We did a Ghost Talk, Ghost Walk, a Trolley Tour and a Dolphin tour.  We completed Daisy's Neighborhood, geocaching, Coastal Georgia, Savannah Safari and obtained our "Discover Savannah" badges.

We became Daughters of the Birthplace and also joined the Circle of Friends at the Birthplace. We bridged to Seniors (over the bridge at Old Fort Jackson, as per the girls' request). We enlisted in the Girl Scout militia at Old Fort Jackson and learned how to fire a cannon and how to do wig-wag (flag communication from the original GS handbook). We learned about the early years of Girl Scouts at First HQ.  We also learned how to tie up a bad guy with 8 inches of string, how to travel at a GS pace and how to use a GPS and geocache. At the Birthplace we wore hoop skirts and shawls, and learned about corsets, posture, and how to serve / have tea. 

We seined in the waves of the Atlantic and walked in the marshes while we learned about the plants, animals, crabs, and tides.  The girls tasted picklewort and some other kinds of wort that grow in the marsh as well as juniper berries. They held pompano fish, fiddler crabs and snails. We toured the Birthplace and Andrew Low's house.  We walked for an hour and a half and learned some of the ghost stories of Savannah. 

On our Dolphin Tour we saw SO MANY Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, we couldn't even count them. We swam in the Atlantic Ocean and had two pods of dolphins swim within 15-18 feet of us. We did our Girl Scout duty and cleaned up a section of beach.

We had so much fun!  This trip is a must-do for Girl Scouts. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but once I get all of the patches and badges sorted I may remember but I think I have hit all of the big stuff. 

I am so tired.....
Thank you for all of your help in making this happen.


Sounds like it was fantastic, Bridget!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! 

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