Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Shayna Bright" Light on Camp

"Howdy! My name is Shayna, but I am better known to most people as my camp name, Pepper. I am the Camps Reservation Specialist for Camp Texlake and Camp Kachina (year-round camping) and the registrar for summer camps. While I have only been a part of the year round team for two years, this will be my sixth summer working at GSCTX camp and my ninth summer in camps overall! 

Shayna on the high ropes course.
I was lucky enough to be a scout growing up in New Mexico and in Texas, from Brownie to Cadette. Part of that experience was going to Camp Texlake with my troop and for four summers of overnight camp learning how to sail. My time in Girl Scouts certainly shaped me into who I am today, but it was camp in particular that helped me grow the most and figure out who I am. My favorite part of the job is watching my campers grow into amazing confident young women, and especially seeing them eventually become summer counselors! 

The transformative power of camp isn't just limited to the campers, but also to the staff and anyone who spends time in the camp environment. Each activity from archery to high ropes is set up to build character.  My favorite memory as a camper is going on my first solo sail during my second summer sailing. It was a huge accomplishment and one that--just the previous summer--I thought was out of reach. My counselor Luna helped me improve my skills and build the confidence to attempt (and complete!) such a task.

Camp is a place filled with successes and challenges. When failure happens at camp, it's within a safe place to learn from it and move forward to an even greater success. The perfect example is the High Ropes Course. Practicing “Challenge by Choice” can be hard for a camper; to see those who climb ahead of you fully complete the challenge and then be unable to complete it yourself. 

The best moments that I have ever witnessed are at Ropes. When a camper is able to push into their challenge threshold it is a win every time, whether or not the challenge is completed in the traditional sense. Seeing them take just one more step than they thought possible is a gift that I feel lucky to witness every single time. 

Camp is magical. It is adventure and fun. Camp makes lifelong friends. Whether it is a few weeks in the summer or a weekend trip, the experience of camp can have a positive impact on everyone involved. Hope to see you there!

In the Spirit of Camp, 


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