Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Equestrian Program Specialist, Robert Pohl Gears Up of Camp

Robert Pohl, Equestrian Program Specialist, GSCTX
Hey (is for horses)! My name is Robert Pohl and I am the Equestrian Program Specialist with GSCTX at Camp Texlake since February 2012. I could not ask for a better job. I make sure the horses are well taken care while promoting a quality and safe program for Girl Scouts, horses, and staff. Horses have been in my life since day one, so to have a job with horses and teaching has been a dream come true.  Although I was not a Girl Scout growing up, I was a Boy Scout for 5 years. I have enjoyed learning about the Girl Scout mission while meeting incredible young people whose courage, confidence, and character  the world.
I have had the great fortune of experiencing camp for the past 20 years. 

I moved to Camp Waldemar at the age of 4 with my mother and younger brother. My mother joined the Camp Waldemar staff full time as Equestrian Director to manage a herd of over 100 horses. I started going to Camp La Junta at the age of 6 for one month during the summer. I was involved with La Junta till I was 18 (camper for 8 years and staff for 4 years). I also worked at Camp Waldemar, an all-girls camp like Camp Texlake as a polocrosse instructor for two summers.

At camp you meet amazing people that can change your life forever. One of those people who changed my life is Connie Reeves, one of the most inspirational individual I have ever met. Connie started as the Equestrian Director at Waldemar in 1936 and stayed, teaching and riding her entire life until 2003. She taught over 36,000 children how to ride; some of those are third generations.  Every time I teach a new rider, I hope I can inspire them the way Connie inspires me.

Horses can be intimidating, so when a camper overcomes that fear and connects with the horse, the reward is beyond measure. Seeing the connections that horses create with people to help them grow in courage, confidence, and character  is the best part of the job.

Camp is one. Hope to see you at the barn this summer!  Register today!

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