Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Girl Scouts Cool Off with Water Lessons

caving whirlpoolWith the summer heat turned on high, what better way to spend time outside than through a water specialty camp as part of the Its Your Plant-Love it! series. Girls who are new to Girl Scouts of Central Texas are currently taking part in an opportunity to learn about water issues on a local and global level. Some of the topics covered are water scarcity in developing nations and how it impacts the community. Other topics include the impact of water sanitation on the world’s life expectancy, the water cycle and how water is treated.

Not only are the girls learning about basic water information but they are finding ways to protect and save water and tracking their own conservation program. The camp still has room for activities of course. The girls are enjoying fun water activities such as canoeing on Lady Bird Lake and caving at Whirlpool cave in South Austin.

The girls are taking away a lot from the lessons and activities at the camp. The most important aspect is the girls are becoming more environmentally aware by learning how vital water is to our lives. Its camps like these that shape our Girl Scouts to become more well-rounded citizens of society. We hope the girls will continue to learn and have fun at camp!

For comments or questions regarding camps and becoming a Girl Scout, please contact Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

-Tabitha Fierro

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  1. Nice article...the girls are learning
    a important lesson.