Friday, July 22, 2011

Fresh Food = Fresh Outlook

022Have you ever considered the impact food has on your life? That food you consume on a daily basis can have a direct influence on the way you perceive yourself and your surroundings? Today’s Girl Scouts took a closer look at the advantages of healthy living through visits to local farmer markets (like Boggy Creek Farm and Springdale Farm), micro-biotic cooking lessons and fitness classes.

The girls participated in the activities through the Sow What? Day Camp this past week. We had the pleasure of speaking with two attendees, Girl Scout Ambassador Jackie M. and Girl Scout Senior Kate N. Both girls shared with us their past experiences with food and what they took away from the camp.

IMG_4034Kate grew up on healthy, well-balanced meals and discovered the importance of adapting this particular lifestyle early on in life. She likes to stick to fresh, simple foods and stay away from processed items due to its low nutritional value. Kate realizes that eating healthy is more than just about the physical benefits; it helps you gain emotional and mental wellness in everyday activities.

Jackie was raised on fast food because it was a quick, low-cost option. She never knew the benefits of healthy living because she knew no other way. This camp opened to her eyes to a new way of living. Her outlook on life transformed into a positive one and she is eager to share her new knowledge with her family and friends. Jackie also credits this camp to allowing her to open up more and make new friends.

Jackie and Kate did not know each other before this camp but the topic of food brought them together. Their friendship evolved from their shared interest of healthy living. They hope their story inspires other girls to develop a healthy outlook on life.

For more information on this camp and other programs, please contact Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

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