Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KXAN Reporter Leslie Rhode shares 2010 State Gold Award experience

GoldAwardShettyWhen I was asked to emcee the State Gold Awards, I jumped at the opportunity to do something with the Girl Scouts because I have good memories of my time as a Scout. As a mom of a daughter, it means a great deal to me to be involved in organizations that promote the strong growth, education and leadership of young women.

The event itself was an amazing experience. As I heard what the Gold Award recipients did to get their honors, I was inspired by their hard work. I actually thought - “What am I doing with MY time?!” It was a great reminder to take the time to look for opportunities to give back to your community and to not be afraid to do it. Half the battle is “getting started” sometimes! I looked at the faces of the honorees and knew these were the future leaders of our state.

I hope the girls will be able to walk away from this milestone more aware of the value of “every” person and what they can bring to the table when it comes to nurturing and strengthening our community.

In short, Girl Scouting grows strong women. Girl Scouts learn to be leaders, examples and better friends - all life changers.

To learn more about becoming a Girl Scout or earning your Gold Award, please visit

-Leslie Rhode

(Photo of Elks Gold Award Scholarship recipient Shalika Shetty being interviewed at State Gold Awards.)

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