Monday, April 5, 2010

Troop 2141 Gives to Haiti

Girl Scouts of Central Texas has had the first troop report back their donation to relief efforts in Haiti! We're very proud of these girls and their charitable contribution. Below is a short interview with their leader, Lourdes, about their experience.

Q. Tell us about your troop.
Troop 2141
A. We are Troop 2141 with 5 active Girl Scout Cadettes. They love getting together and spending time together since they hardly get to see each other now that they are in middle school. They love camping and doing community service.

Q. How much did they raise and how did they do it?
A. They raised $57.94. They had a sign at their booth that read "Haiti Donations" and people liked that the money was going towards a good cause and would donate their change. We had one man donate $20.

Q. Which organization is the troop giving to? How did they select that organization?
A. The organization they picked was World Vision because they help children.

Q. What do you, as the leader, feel they learned from this experience?
A. They learned to see how blessed they are to have their family and friends, and how valuable our every day resources are like water, bed, food, etc.

-Lourdes, Troop 2141 Leader

Learn more about making charitable gifts to relief efforts in Haiti.

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