Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camp-out Tips

From Nora, troop leader for Junior Troop 756, here are tips for your next camp-out.
  • In case of rain, I always pack an activity box (don't need to get it out of the car if the weather is great). Paper, markers, puzzles, board games, dominos, crafts, several do it yourself "try-its" or badges.
  • We love to do the "Jungle breakfast:" One leader gets up early (can't be done the night before due to critters) and hides sandwich-sized ziplocks full of cereal, hides apples, oranges, juice boxes, and a breakfast bar/granola for each girl. in the trees/bushes and picnic area around your campsite. NO one can eat till all girls have all breakfast items: cereal, juice, fruit, breakfast bar (sometimes donuts)....a hide and go seek breakfast game, but it's great as we never cook the first morning, easy clean up, get on with the activities at campout.
  • We also have "quiet time" late in the afternoon before dinner as they never sleep well the first night.
  • I found Girl Scout and camp songs on the 'net, and made fanny-packed sized song books for most girls. Our girls love to sing everywhere we go at camp....lots of walking, the singing builds the team, the songs are goofy...etc. See songs here:
  • I usually purchase a bandana for every girl attending. (Every Girl Scouts know how useful bandanas are!) This small, inexpensive gift instantly links the girls once they adorn themselves in a creative ways.
-Nora, Troop 756 Leader

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