Thursday, February 4, 2010

4 Cool Countries for World Thinking Day

The theme for World Thinking Day 2010 is girls worldwide say "together we can end extreme poverty and hunger." (See more information from Girl Scouts of the USA.) Girls voted and selected Germany, Kuwait, Peru, the Philippines, and South Africa to represent the five regions of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

In addition to the countries selected through WAGGGS, here are 4 really cool, Thinking Day-worthy countries you might want to consider exploring this year.
  • Haiti: Learning about Haiti can help girls better understand the recent earthquake and it's effects. You can start with this story about a Haitian Girl Scout who is helping her country recover. Activity idea - build and start a philanthropy campaign to help Haiti relief efforts.
  • Canada: In just a few days Canada will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and will be the center of the sports world. That makes Canada extra cool this year. Activity idea - learn, watch or play the national sport of ice hockey!
  • Mexico: As our southern neighbor, Mexico's culture greatly influences Texas and the whole US. Mexico is also home to one of the WAGGGS World Centers: Our Cabana providing with even more significance for Girl Scouts. Activity idea - enjoy delicous tamales as part of your learning experience!
  • Denmark: This European country was recently deemed the happiest place on Earth and Copenhagen was named one of the most liveable cities. Activity idea - take part in the Danish tradition of bicycle riding.
Every country has its own fascinating culture. These are just a few ideas to get your global-creative juices flowing. Now we want to know, which country or countries are you investigating during World Thinking Day and what are you doing as part of your exploring?

-Cheryl Black

P.S. Be sure to get your World Thinking Day patch at the council shops.

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