Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not Skinny; Not Fat - Just HEALTHY

Bristol University recently looked at more than 4,000 young people and using some fancy-schmancy technology, compared things like bone density and fat. The results are not shocking: dieting girls aren't developing bone strength to full potential. Read the Press Association article.

IMG_0287On an incredibly regular basis the media inundates us with articles about youth health, especially the extremes of eating disorders. So today, instead of telling you there is a magic number out there or the perfect diet, we'd like to provide a couple resources that focus on helping kids end up somewhere in that happy medium that is health.
  • Health and Wellness from Girl Scouts: From getting exercise to handling stress, being drug free to personal safety, these resources cover the gamut.
  • Play60: Health doesn't have to just be about vegetables when you join the NFL's finest for an hour of play everyday.
  • Focused on teens, this is the US government's Web site for everything from healthy eating to dating relationships.
  • With three different sections, this Web site helps kids, teens and parents learn and talk about being healthy and happy.
No one of these is the cure-all for building healthy girls and boys but any one of them can offer some good insight to a healthy lifestyle.

-Cheryl Black

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