Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money, Money, Money

A recent study from Pew Research reports that 74% of Americans ages 16-25 think college is necessary to get ahead in life (interesting: Latinos have a higher percentage of folks with this opinion, 88%). Yet only 42% of people ages 18-24 are enrolled in school. What gives?


College Board reports that for a public 4 year college, the average tuition for 09-10 is $7,020 (6.5% increase from last year) and for a 4 year private college, the average tuition is - get ready for it - a staggering $26,273. Hold on to your hats folks; it's a lot of money!

The good news is that College Board also reports 2/3 of full-time undergrads receive grant aid. Whew, thank goodness! Even with all that grant aid coming in though, we know it's not always enough. And that's why we're sharing these scholarship and money making opportunities with you.
Don't let mula (or lack thereof) stand in your way of a college education. If a college education is for you, then get out there and say it loud "show me the money!"

-Cheryl Black

The photo is GSCTX Founders Scholarship recipients from 2009.

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