Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Status Updates to Support Girl Scouting

You're already tweeting and Facebooking just about every day. Why not use one of those updates to support girl leadership and Girl Scouting? Here's 10 status updates (or tweets) you can use to support GSCTX.
  1. I love being a (insert "troop leader", "Girl Scout mom" or other relevant description)! Time for you to join too -
  2. I'm a fan of GSCTX on Facebook! Are you?
  3. I just made a difference in a girl's life by donating to Girl Scouts.
  4. Learn the three keys to leadership -
  5. Nobody knows cookies like Girl Scouts.
  6. Follow Friday (#ff) @GSCTXcouncil
  7. Its always s'more fun at Girl Scout Camp.
  8. My Girl Scout just earned the (insert patch name)! I'm so proud!
  9. The best thing about Girl Scouts is (your most favorite Girl Scout thing ever).
  10. Courage, confidence and character - its what Girl Scouts is really all about.
And here's my next tweet/status update - I'm a professional Girl Scout and I love it!

Happy tweeting/status updating!

-Cheryl Black

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