Monday, October 19, 2009

She's Gone Tech

The Girl Scouts of Central Texas has taught me so much in the way of technology. First and foremost, I am not scared of learning technical terms and putting them to use anymore. Through the EDGE Program at Girl Scouts, I have learned about building robots with Legos. I have learned how to program them and make them do things I want them to do like walk, talk, see colors and pick up things. Robots are part of our every day life. We all come into contact with robots and sometimes don’t even know it!

I was able to attend the Geek Squad camp this summer and learned lots about computers too. We worked on Apples as well as PCs. The Geek Squad camp taught us about computers in a fun and cool way and I strongly recommend the camp if you want to have fun and learn about computers at the same time!!

The Girl Scouts of Central Texas started up a Lego Robotics team and we were able to participate in the FLL competition. Our team won 3rd place in the first competition and even though we did not place in the 2nd competition, my team was able to fly to Atlanta, GA to cheer on other Girl Scouts from all over the United States! That was so exciting and I would have never had had the chance to do that if it were not for Girl Scouts!

I would highly recommend girls of all ages to learn more about technology. We use it every day and everyday it changes. This used to be a man’s world with robots and computers but us women are learning just as much and adult women are now leaders in the technology field! This makes me want to be a part of the excitement!!!

-Lily, Girl Scout Cadette

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