Monday, October 26, 2009

Right + Left = Whole Person

In 1960, an American psychobiologic, Roger W. Speery, developed the right brain, left brain concept. His theory was that people have and use both sides of their brains, but one side of the brain is more dominate. Sperry concluded that a person who is right brain dominate, processes information in an intuitive way. They look at the whole picture and then determine what parts apply. Left brain dominate people process information in an analytical and sequential way. They look at the pieces to determine the whole.

Girl Scouts aspires to stimulate both sides of the brain, through our 4 new focus areas:
Creative arts (both visual and performing arts) ignite and engage the right side of the brain. They stimulate and help incorporate the "whole person," not just the logical sequential side. We are learning that music may help you with your math skills and art may stimulate creative writing.

With the whole brain stimulated, we are able to creatively solve logical problems and logically solve creative, abstract problems. It truly is key to stimulate and develop both sides of our brain in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced global society.

The research is there but even without the support of facts and figures, Girl Scouts knows that the arts are fun, engaging, stimulating, physical and down right enjoyable.

Do you cheer, dance, play a sport, draw, write or play an instrument? Are you a painter, a sculptor, a singer or craft-maker? Share the benefits of your right brain power!

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