Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Summer in Greece by Caitlin B.

This summer attended a Destination trip to the Ionian Sea. It was the most incredible experience. From the people I met to the food and culture of Greece to the views, I cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to take this trip.  Our Greek guide took a photo of our group in one of the many coves that we stopped in for “melon breaks” as he referred to them in order to take a little break from paddling and eat some delicious melon and swim around. 

We also took a selfie with our guide during a particularly long paddle day that made everyone a little bit irritable, or “salty” as we taught him the American slang word which he found hilarious as we were paddling through the incredibly salty Mediterranean Sea. 

The bottom is a photo taken by one of our leaders as we pulled into a cove for a lunch break. The relationships that I was able to form with these girls who I had never met but now talk to regularly as well as with our American leaders and our Greek and Finnish guides are truly one of a kind and will last a lifetime. The self learning that occurred and the memories that I made on this trip are irreplaceable and for everything that occurred on this trip I am so thankful.

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